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130 N Second St.
Chambersburg, PA 17201
717-263-5872 Tel
717-261-3296 Fax

Current Statistics

BLS Calls 847
Fire Calls 172
BLS Calls 4,600
Fire Calls 880
Fire Drills 2
Fire Prevention 22
Firehouse Tours 0
Public Displays 13
Attendance 1,625
Child Seat Installation 69
Smoke/CO Alarm Installation          311

Message to all Motorists

Each day, the Chambersburg Fire Department responds to incidents throughout the Borough of Chambersburg and surrounding municipalities. Many of these incidents require fire and EMS apparatus to be positioned on roadways and place the first responders in harm’s way. The department asks that when approaching an emergency vehicle to slow down, evaluate what is happening, and proceed with caution as passing vehicles or if need be turned around . In many instances, the initial moments of an incident can be quickly evolving for the firefighters and create a chaotic scene for oncoming motorists. These scenes may involve fire hose laying in the street, crew members exiting apparatus or crossing the roadways, or additional fire units coming into the scene. During the early stages the scene may not have the necessary traffic security measures established and it is at this point, as well as throughout the entire incident, that it takes all, emergency responders and the public, to make sure that everyone goes home safely and uninjured. At no point should fire hose ever be driven over, unless you have explicit permission from the crews on the scene. Driving over a fire hose can cause damage to the hose that is vital in providing the necessary water to the firefighters on the scene. More importantly, driving over a fire hose can cause the hose to be caught under the vehicle and create a tripping or clamping situation to a firefighter or firefighters which could be deadly. This is completely unacceptable and is against the law. The men and women, their families, and the community ask that you take extra time in your commute, do not drive through an incident scene, and pay attention to your surroundings.

Message to all Motorists

Photo from WGAL 8