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Current Statistics

BLS Calls 382
Fire Calls 78
BLS Calls 4,302
Fire Calls 878
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Fire Prevention 22
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Attendance 1,625
Child Seat Installation 69
Smoke/CO Alarm Installation          311

Noodle Board/Kitchen Fire Safety

A growing trend out there lately are DIY or decorative boards that are being used to cover stove tops. Commonly named noodle boards, also known as stove covers or stovetop cutting boards, a wooden decorative cover being used as extra counter space or to protect a stovetop. Although quite popular, these boards pose a significant fire and life safety hazard. Burners can be accidentally turned on and left unnoticed, all while heating up the wood, that in most cases are covered with a flammable varnish or stain. A greater concern with these boards are their use on gas stoves. Covering the burners can allow for a buildup of gas under the board creating the potential for a fire or explosion. Also, providing an area for additional counter space, this could potentially be utilized for a storage area to only intensify the contents that will ignite. It is our recommendation to not utilize these types of boards and to look for another means of additional counter space without the added risks of fire.