Adopt a Hydrant

Thanksgiving is over, and Christmas shopping and decorating begins as we move into the snow season. Skiers prepare their skis, and children rummage the Flexible Flyer out of the garage. Everyone wants a White Christmas!


Snow is great fun but can also present problems: No one enjoys digging out a parking space on the street or walking on icy sidewalks. There is a bigger problem that can impact your home and community.  Fire hydrants are easily buried under snowfall. The time spent locating or shoveling out a fire hydrant can mean the difference between a small fire and the loss of a home!


There are over 600 fire hydrants in the Borough of Chambersburg, and you are rarely more than half a block from a hydrant. Firefighters began placement of fire hydrant markers, purchased by the Borough of Chambersburg Water Department. These long yellow, fiberglass rods with white reflective tape offer firefighters clear visibility over snow piles and parked cars saving precious seconds in obtaining a water supply. 


The Chambersburg Fire Department needs your help. Please “Adopt a Fire Hydrant” and maintain a clear, three foot radius to include snow removal and trimmed summer vegetation.  Telephone 263-5871 or email with the specified location of a hydrant to adopt and signify an associated name, i.e. your name, pet’s name, in memory of a family member, or choose to remain anonymous. View below the current list of adopted hydrants.


The Chambersburg Fire Department offers sincere thanks for your time and efforts expended to ensure a safe neighborhood. 


1. The corner of South Sixth and Catherine Streets - Jackie and Jeff Umberger

2.  8 Stanley Court - Larry Mann

3.  Powell and Ashley Drives - Chris and Pam McKenrick

4.  Powell and Bassett Drives - Chris and Pam McKenrick

5.  The right-of-way in front of 953 Progress Road - Christopher Kendall

6.  The corner of South Seventh Street and Lortz Avenue - Whitmore Family