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130 N Second St.
Chambersburg, PA 17201
717-263-5872 Tel
717-261-3296 Fax

Current Statistics

BLS Calls 211
Fire Calls 59
BLS Calls 4,939
Fire Calls 1341
Fire Safety Inspections 672
Fire Drills 9
Station Tours 11
Public Education events 46
Attendance 4,973
Child Seat Installation 148
Smoke Alarm Installation          437
CO Alarm Installations 181
Total homes visited for alarms 127
Street Signs Provided 10
HAAS Alert Drivers Notified 32,221
2023 Unit Totals
 HQ Ambulance 4,649
 Mck Ambulance 290
 Engine 1-1 796
 Engine 1-2 605
 Engine 1-4 30
 Tower 1 419
 Utility 1 4
 UTV 1 9

B shift keeps busy with mutual aid fire and multiple other calls

Members of B shift kept busy throughout the day with multiple calls, including a mutual aid fire. Ambulance 1-7 handled 10 calls, along with crews handling two fire alarms, an flooding call, an inside gas odor and a working mobile home fire.

Tower 1 was sent just before 1 PM to the 1900 block of Philadelphia Ave for a working mobile home fire. Tower 1 with 4 filled the initial assignment for units that failed. Tower 1 arrived as the first arriving Truck and was assigned by Command 44 to RIT. Crews set up RIT and stood by until placed in service.

At 1623 hrs Engine 1-2 responded to the 700 block of South Second Street for flooding. Engine 1-2 arrived and found a burst water pipe and requested Borough Water to the scene to secure the water.

A little after midnight, CFD crews were sent to the 200 block of South Main Street for an odor of gas in the building. Occupants smelled an unknown odor in the building that prompted the call after a power outage. After investigating, crews located a malfunctioning furnace.

At 0515 hrs, Engine 1-2, Tower 1 and Ambulance 1-7 responded to Delano Dr for a fire alarm. Crews investigated and found a faulty detector.

An hour later, Engine 1-2, Tower 1 and Ambulance 1-7 were sent to the 900 block of Stouffer Ave for a fire alarm. Crews investigated the home and found a faulty detector.