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130 N Second St.
Chambersburg, PA 17201
717-263-5872 Tel
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Current Statistics

BLS Calls 3,915
Fire Calls 804
BLS Calls 4,351
Fire Calls 995
Fire Drills 7
Fire Prevention 40
Firehouse Tours 15
Public Displays 26
Attendance 6,989
Child Seat Installation 164
Smoke/CO Alarm Installation          590

Odor of Gas in a duplex

Company 1 was alerted for an Inside Investigation of gas on North 4th St. Chief 1 arrived with the building evacuated assuming Command 1. Crews checked both sides of the duplex and found no reading of gas and no patients. Further investigation found a malfunctioning furnace which was secured until looked at. Command 1 released all units after investigating for 30 minutes.